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Its a modern wedding guest book idea that is unique and personalized to you. So created nine wedding guest book alternatives that are as hip as they are affordable, and easy to create. Its a wedding detail that is to capture the names and well wishes of those special individuals who actually attended your wedding, as well as express your personality and creativity. The guest book is a wedding detail that should feel special, personalized and creative. At this wedding, the guest book was fashioned from a vintage french tome. Here are some of our favorite wedding guest book ideas that go beyond the traditional. The fun idea was dreamt up and produced by jesi haack of jesi haack design. A wedding guest book no longer needs to be pen and bound paper.

After the wedding you and your husband can spend some time reading the messages and putting the puzzle together. Whether its a personalised traditional guest book or something a little more unusual, like jenga tiles, weve got all the best wedding guest book ideas. Either side on the puzzle features a portrait photo chosen by the bride and groom and have the back side for the wedding guests personal comments. Whether youre getting married at a winery or just love indulging in a nice glass of vino at the end of the day, this heartshaped cork guest book is creative and chic.

Jan 15, 2020 get inspired by these alternative wedding guest book ideas that put a twist on tradition. Tips and hints for creating the perfect wedding guest book. Create a stylish keepsake with all of those precious memories of your wedding day. These creative wedding guest book ideas are unexpected enough to wow you and your guests. Jan 25, 2019 10 awesome, creative and memorable wedding guest book ideas by ava rogers on january 25, 2019 february 15, 2019 in weddings tagged guest book ideas, wedding guest book facebook. You dont have to go with the same ole, same ole anymore when it comes to wedding guest books. Create a jigsaw puzzle of your photo and let guests sign each piece. See more ideas about wedding guest book, wedding and special day. May 29, 2019 an oar is a creative wedding guest book especially for a river or lakeshore wedding a vintage suitcase filled with cards from various countries is a very cool idea for a travelthemed wedding a chalkboard map of your state filled with wooden hearts or circles on which your guests will write wishes. This has also made guest book sign in to become more fun for the guest and the couple when they look into it in later years. Kraft gold guest book, gold foiled kraft wedding guestbook, wedding. Wedding guest book ideas unique creative a practical. Let me ask you, which guest book idea is more exciting.

Medium personalised wedding guestbook, scrapbook, baby book with calligraphy. Sep 11, 2014 another creative decorative guest book idea is wishing stones. See more ideas about wedding guest book, dream wedding and our wedding. Apr 3, 2020 ways to remember who shared your special day with you with a creative twist. However, weve seen many creative ways to accomplish this goal beyond pen and paper. Whether you message in a bottle your guest book by reusing old bottles below, left or have your guests sign the labels of bottles to be opened in the future below, right, this is a perfect idea for a vineyard wedding. Diy wedding guest book ideas martha stewart weddings. In the ultimate crafty guest book approach, square pieces of fabric were laid out on an oldfashioned.

These ideas will get guests chatting and mingling at the start of your reception so without further ado feast your eyes on these 18 fabulous and unique wedding guest book ideas to get you. A wedding guest book no longer needs to be pen and bound paper today. We can safely assume youve never laid eyes on a calendar guest book. Give the guest book a digital twist and make it part of your wedding days entertainment in its own right. Consider these cute and creative guest book ideas for your wedding. May 26, 2014 creative wedding guest book ideas by shalini may 26, 2014 wedding guest books are one of the most important things in a wedding as it records the guests lists along with their loving message. The idea here is that you provide a collection of ornaments for your guests to sign as they enter the reception, in place of the traditional wedding guest book. Your guests can each sign a stone or pebble with their well wishes and advice and after the wedding you can use them to decorate your garden, or keep them in a glass vase to put on display. Mar 01, 2018 choose a guest book that reflects the style and theme of your wedding, and feel free to get creative. I hope this provides some inspiration for collecting all those signatures of your beloveds. It can be a struggle to find creative wedding guest book ideas that are as good looking as they are fun. Wedding guest book ideas unique creative a practical wedding. Not all of the fun is over after your wedding and honeymoon. Polished rocks or agate stones are a great wedding guest book idea for bohemian themes and nature lovers.

I love the blog but not really what im looking for in an alternative to guest book for my wedding. In the last couple of years, wedding guest book ideas have become more unique. Check out these 30 unique wedding guest book ideas inspired by real weddings. For instance, a quilt guest book is under the wedding guest book ideas, but it would also be adorable for a baby shower. Scroll down to go directly to our roundup list of 20 creative wedding guest book alternatives that are a tad more exciting to read through than a standard guestbook.

I cant think of anything to do different that pertains to that theme although i really do like the puzzle idea but want to stay away from what everyone else seems to do doing. We discovered tons of creative new guest book ideas that are so much more fun and serve a purpose. Creative and unique guest book ideas for wedding receptions. March to the beat of your own record with this creative guest book idea. From prompts that encourage your guests creativity to. You would provide your guests with fabric squares and fabric markers to sign a message and their name and after the wedding, all the pieces will be sewn together to create a quilt.

This digital surface allows guests to scribble, doodle and create their own personal messages of congratulations and be as imaginative as they like. Wedding guest can strike a pose then leave their photo on the guest book, together with their short message for the couple. If your wedding has a theme, extend it to the guest book. Set up a photo booth, or leave out a polaroid camera. Showcase guest messages on your wall by asking friends and family to leave their notes and well wishes on crockery. Another clever, creative and unique idea for an alternative to the traditional wedding guest book. Another guest book idea is to choose a guest quilt. One of the most traditional wedding day details to include in your decor is a guest book. Unique wedding guest book ideas that arent actually books. Here are 15 creative ideas for guest book alternatives.

A comprehensive guide to wedding guest attire with the help of two experts, we decode common wedding dress codes, and provide outfit ideas for any event. Once you return, you get to pour over your photographers pictures, decide which keepsakes from your wedding you want to store, and read the thoughtful notes in your guest book. Why not try one of these unique and creative guest book ideas instead. Its wonderful to have a wedding day guest book full of congratulatory messages and memories from guests, but how about mixing it up a little with these alternative ideas to the classic traditional book. Thus, here we have some of the most creative wedding guest book ideas you can find. There are lots and lots of creative ideas to help your guests give their wellwishes to the happy couple. So because we consider our job to be the wedding laboratory of the internet, we set to work coming up with cute, affordable, and really loweffort options for those of you looking for creative wedding guest book ideas.

Guests can sign the shells and place them inside the bowl. I divided this post up into 3 sections, but you can adapt any of these guest book ideas for your specific event. This time around we feature an ornament guest book alternative. Its a roaring 20s theme and colors are black and white. Any one of our top 10 favorite new guest book ideas can double as a work of art in your home, a commemorative for future anniversaries, a keepsake to. For example, for a seaside exchange of vows, place a bounty of shells on a table with a goldleaf marker and a footed glass bowl. The form and shape of the traditional guest book has morphed to match changing wedding trends and tastes. Surprise attendees with one of these creative and personalized guest book alternatives. Thats why we rounded up some of the most creative wedding guest book alternatives for a fresh take on this wedding essential that youll want to keep foreverand even display in your home too. From prompts that encourage your guests creativity to customized pieces of art youll love displaying in your home, these innovative ideas certainly wont just sit around collecting dust after the big day. Forego the traditional guest book and let your wedding guests share their words of wisdom and sentiments in a fun and creative way. You will discover ideas that break the ice so that the guests start moving and mingling at the start of a reception, while others are meant to become valued pieces of art for your home or designated mementos to be opened on an anniversary.

Couples are personalizing this wedding detail by transforming it into a fun and interactive, diy activity that makes it memorable for not only the couple but also. May 06, 2018 while well always love the sophistication of a traditional wedding guest book, we cant help but get inspired by the new and creative ways couples are asking guests to leave them some wedding day love. These days, we have seen more creative ideas for a wedding guest book than just a collection of your guests signatures. Make sure to include metallic sharpies if you want your guests to sign the actual bottle, so that the ink shows up on the dark glass. Forget the dull and boring signature books and go for one of these gnarly and unique guest book ideas instead. Shop fun, nontraditional ideas for wedding guest book alternatives like our custom portrait art featuring an illustration of the couple even include pets.

After the wedding, turn the signed rocks into a decorative piece by displaying them in a glass vase or even adding them to your garden. Its hard to remember everyone who attended your wedding. A lot of wishes and congratulations are falling on ears of newlyweds on their wedding day, but quickly get lost in the noise and tension at a wedding, and dont keep only the written word which always remain vivid and memorable memory over the years, is what drives a lot of couples lately to put wedding guest book at their wedding ceremony, to signing them from guests and. Jan 30, 2018 weve rounded up 15 wedding guest book ideas to help ignite your inner creativity. Make sure to leave signage instructing your guests what to do. These fun and interactive guest book ideas are a great ice breaker for your reception. After the wedding, you can hang it in your kitchen or above a bar cart. There are countless creative and clever ways to express your personality through the style of guest book you choose. Bella puzzles has a huge selection of wedding guest book puzzles available that can be personalized to your wedding and personal style. I love what we came up with, from metal prints to cheater and cheap art books. These days, wedding guest books can be so much more than just a collection of your guests signatures. Select your favorite album as a couple and set it up with paint pens for guests to sign. It might also be a good idea to ask a family member or good friend to oversee the guest book table or area reminding guests to sign so you dont end up with a half full guest book.

These guest book alternatives are perfect for a variety of unique wedding themes. Its a simple way for your guests to write you a quick note or simply sign in, plus a guest book serves as a great way to have a tangible gift from your friends and family in the form of their handwriting. Or put out silver trays with engraving pens so guests can carve a lasting message on a useful keepsake for you. Its tradition to offer a wedding guest book at your. Upcycle an old puzzle into a oneofakind guest book you can take apart and put back together every anniversary. Best of all, guests contributions can be turned into a book after the event and reproduced for family members and inlaws. But as more couples move away from traditional guest books, unique and functional guest book alternatives are showing up in the most creative.

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