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A guide to eight essential qualities of healthy churches. A guide to eight essential qualities of healthy churches christian a. The job of the church staff and vestries then, is to be aware of the important areas, which if not functioning well, will tend to block healthy church development. Christian andreas schwarz born march 27, 1960 is a german author, lecturer and researcher.

In the late 1970s, fritz schwarz launched a church growth program in his church district of herne germany, which influenced many lutheran churches. His books have been published in 40 languages, making schwarz one of the most frequently translated german authors in the area of christian books. Critics of the church growth movement have often emphasized the need for quality congregations. The structure in a healthy church promotes growth rather than hinders it. Christian schwarz affirms through the international research what i have been thinking for a long time, but until now. In its opening paragraph, natural church development ncddistinguishes itself from common church growth approaches. The author, christian schwarz wholeheartedly agrees, believing christians should not focus on numerical growth, but concentrate on qualitative growth. Schwarz introduction to natural church development. Natural church development ncd is a paradigm a way of thinking about church growth. These quality characteristics are universally used in building healthy churches. Implementation guide to natural church development christian a schwarz on. Academic paper biblical analysis of natural church development by christian a.

Christian schwarz studied congregations in terms of both quantity and. Ncd natural church development, featuring the all by. Natural church development is not just one church growth method among many. Christian schwarz and the institute of natural church development located in germany has done extensive research with over a 1,000 churches in 32 countries and 5 continents with people speaking in 18 languages. Pdf an examination and assessment of natural church.

Qualities have been identified through extensive research and were first published in. It introduces a different way of thinking for christians. He is the founder and president of natural church development ncd international. For detailed information on natural church deveopment as a strategy, on ncd international as a ministry agency, and on ncd founder christian a. Based on research in more than 70,000 churches on all six continents, ncd describes universal principles that are applicable regardless of culture or spiritual style. Biblical analysis of natural church development principles. Eight essential qualities of healthy churches by christian a. Schwarz rev allan scott vint submitted in partial fulfilment of the. It is interesting to note that schwarz s research findings, although presented in. Ncd natural church development, featuring the all by itself. Natural church development ncd is all about releasing the potential that god has already implanted in our lives.

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