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Into this battleground of rival kingdoms came chandragupta maurya. Geography kept out invaders, but left did not unify india. Without a strong and reliable economy, it is impossible to have a strong government along with a strong military. People in different parts of the empire spoke different languages. Why is the mauryan empire considered the greatest empire.

He was from the mauryan family in india he united all of the fragmented states after alexander the greats death he ruled very strictly 2. The mauryan empire flourished under asoka, who did all of. The location of the mauryan empire was located where it is because alexander the great had brought the indus and ganges rivers in. Ppt the mauryan dynasty powerpoint presentation free to view. The first indian empire was the mauryan empire, founded by chandragupta maurya in 321 bc as well as founding the mauryan empire, chandragupta maurya, conquered almost all of india and is considered the first true emperor of india. By choosing buddhism over warfare and rejecting the practical arthashastra policies, he unfortunately weakened the kingdom for his descendants, and they, far less capable men, were unable to cope with the disintegrating forces.

These free empire powerpoint templates provide ppt backgrounds that can be used for a number of presentation types, be it class lectures, slide shows with historical accounts of royal life or even a presentation about modern day monarchs. Kalhana, author of the work rajatarangini which is an account of kashmirs history says that after ashokas death, his son jalauka ruled over kashmir as an independent ruler. Built army killed nandas king 321 bc claims throne. Panindian character of mauryan administration the mauryan empire beginning with chandragupta maurya was not only very vast, but it was an empire with an allindia character. These free ppts are compatible with both old and new powerpoint editions with. However, the legacy of the mauryan empire lives on in the indian people today. A battle for succession ensured, with no clear winner, and in 183 b. Throughout history empires have been created by people wearing a crown. He succeeded in conquering almost all of the indian subcontinent and is considered the first unifier of. The political unity allowed people from different areas of mauryan india to travel and sell their merchandise at markets around their domain. Killed an unpopular king to begin the mauryan empire.

India mauryan empire activity historys historiesyou are. The greatest emperor of the maurya dynasty was ashoka. The first imperial art presentation by group 8 1 2. Chandragupta first gained power in the ganges valley, but with his army he soon conquered much of northern india. Mauryan empire began to decline following death of ashoka, 232 bc. Introduction to the mauryan empire the maurya empire, also known as the mauryan empire, was a geographically extensive iron age historical power in ancient india, ruled by the maurya dynasty from 322185 bce. When people think of the mauryan empire,chandraguptas grandson, asoka, comes up. The maurya and gupta empires white plains middle school. If you have social unrest in a society, it is much harder to be productive, and therefore harder to have a strong economy. Their words are written in a way of cursive where the words have to be exactly perfect or else it can seem to look like an another word is a historical indo aryan langauage, the primary liturgical language of hinduism and a literary and scholarly language in buddhism and jainism developing from vedric sanskirt, today. Chandragupta extended the mauryan empire towards seleucid persia after defeating seleucus 305 bce.

Rulers under the magadha kingdom were the first to unity india. Political activity in the 6th5th century bce centred on the control of the ganges valley. Chandragupta led the mauryan empire from 321 bce to around 297 bce. The maurya empire was a geographically extensive iron age historical power based in magadha and founded by chandragupta maurya which dominated the indian subcontinent between 322 and 185 bce. Mauryan empire dynasty was established in 322bce who are some leaders who made changes in the government. A powerful army and a peaceful environment as from the mauryan dynasty, and a golden age for the gupta dynasty, where they come up with many mathematical and scientific concepts, like a solar year, pi, and zero.

A free powerpoint ppt presentation displayed as a flash slide show on id. It is because of ashoka, the grandson of chandragupta maurya has extended the stretch of empire to its unprecedented growth. Greek hellenic art and culture was embraced by the mauryan empire in pakistan and northwestern india. It was one of the largest empires in the world at the time. Because of the peace and tranquility that the mauryan dynasty was experiencing, internal trade within the empire flourished as well. Besides the creation of one of the worlds largest empires and the largest empire ever on the indian subcontinent, the achievements accomplished during the mauryan empire included a widespread bureaucracy and civil service that governed all aspects of society and a common economic system with a single currency that encouraged local and international trade. At its height, the vast empire stretched from the bay of bengal in the east to the arabian sea in the west. Mauryan rule in the gandhara region, beginning with chandragupta maurya. He ruled from 322 bc until his voluntary retirement and abdication in favour of his son bindusara in 298 bc 4. Chandragupta maurya, was the founder of the maurya empire. Mauryan empire free download as powerpoint presentation.

The maurya emperors continued to expand until they ruled almost the entire indian subcontinent by 272 b. The empire covered much of the indian subcontinent. India mauryan empire and gupta empire flashcards quizlet. Mauryan empire pdf download for ssc,upsc,nda,cds,bpsc,uppsc to download this file click on the download button given below. To navigate the timeline, click and drag it with your mouse, or click on the timeline overview on the bottom. Students will be able to identify andor define the following terms. Ppt mauryan empire powerpoint presentation free to. An able administrator and a skillful warrior, ashoka converted to buddhism after the gruesome battle of kalinga. King asoka gupta empire golden age the mauryan empire around 323 b.

The gupta empire was founded by chandragupta i in a. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. An overview mauryan art encompasses the arts produced during the period of the mauryan empire 4th to 2nd century bce represented an important transition in indian art from use of wood to stone 2 the lion capital of ashoka from sarnath that is now the national emblem of india mauryan. Mauryan empire and gupta dynasty timeline timetoast.

The name of an ancient 322bce empire of india, founded by chandragupta and succeeded by ashoka. Start studying india mauryan empire and gupta empire. An edict is an official order or decree issued by someone in authority. Ppt the mauryan empire powerpoint presentation free to view. Life of kautilya, indian stateman and philosopher, chief advisor and prime minister of the indian. The peace and prosperity created was created under the leadership of the guptas enabled the pursuit of scientific and artistic endeavours. Which of the following statements isare related to ashoka 1ashoka, who worshiped lord shiva, embraced buddhism after the war.

The mauryan empire india, china, and africa project. Comprising the majority of south asia, the maurya empire was centralized by the conquest of the indogangetic plain, and its capital city was located at pataliputra modern patna. Chandragupta maurya 340 bc 298 bc was the founder of the mauryan empire and the first emperor to unify india into one state. After the death of ashoka, the mauryan empire split into two halves western and eastern parts. His empire is the largest indian empire ever in history he ruled very strictly. Learn history advertisement it can be appropriately claimed that the mauryan administration system, though monarchical, was sufficient because it had the privilege of possessing successful administrators such as chandragupta maurya, bindusara maurya and ashoka. The mauryan empire was founded by chandragupta maurya. Somewhat before the time of the mauryan empire, about 2400 years ago, began to built this wall. The states of kashi, koshala, and magadha and the vrijjis battled for this control for a century until magadha emerged victorious. Pronunciation of mauryan with 3 audio pronunciations, 1 meaning, 5 translations and more for mauryan.

The mauryan empire tamil are the people and language they spoke. Many competing kingdoms were spread across the northern plains. Journey through the disturbance of north and south india after the mauryans went away in this video, how sungas, kanvas and satvahanas battled. Ppt mauryan empire powerpoint presentation, free download id. Conquering and ruling over such a large amount of territory was a rare feat for such a young ruler. Maurya empire social systems in the mauryan empire the mauryan empire had caste system, where people had no social mobility the castes consisted of. Centralized administration of mauryan empire syskool. They used a special sort of technic to write their language called sanskirt. The mauryan empire had the most powerful military force in ancient india. The adobe flash plugin is needed to view this content. Ppt the mauryan dynasty powerpoint presentation free. Cs advisor wrote arthasastra 1st known govt and economic treatise. Asokas, chandragupta grandson, established on all india, and discovered all problems in a political structures. Ashoka was a abled ruler, have cultural ties to country.

Mauryan empire timeline ancient history encyclopedia. More so the mauryan empire rose to power after defeating the foreign invaders whom chandragupta maurya drove out of the country. The khyber pass was a trade route along the silk road, key for the mauryan empire, especially during the peace treaty from 304223 with the seleucid empire. Development of the mauryan empire ppt download slideplayer. The mauryan empire flourished under asoka, who did all of the following except a convert to buddhism b build up indias regional trade c set up 414591. Last mauryan emperor killed by one of generals, 184 bc. His emblem are used in every governement symbols of india. Rise of the mauryan empire rise of the mauryan empire remember. The maurya empire had smooth administration and efficient rulers. Technology and science ideas were also exchanged with europe and west asia. What were the achievements accomplished during the mauryan. C moves north defeats s alexanders general unites n india c builds huge army. Remove this presentation flag as inappropriate i dont like this i like this remember as a favorite.

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