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After hp dropped the support for web os, android developers have taken the device to a whole new level where we saw it running the cm7 rom based on android 2. Touchpad gets official cm9 nightly builds, changelog page. I did this in webos as i can mount it as a usb drive faster than mtp transfer via ics. There is now a camera update for the latest nightly build of cm9 that fixes the camera. Cyanogenmod releases cm9 alpha 0 for the hp touchpad.

How to install cm9 nightly builds on the hp touchpad youtube. When the cm9 team updates their official version of the touchpad rom, teamwin will probably synchronize the code and start their own nightly builds all over. Official cyanogenmod nightly are finally here for our touchpad, feel free to discuss about this here. You can follow the nightly builds on twitter and read more on their thread and also in the. It is not yet considered as smoothest because its still in nightly but it will definitely improve as the. The cm9 build is part of the official nightly series from cyanogenmod. How to upgrade an hp touchpad to android ice cream sandwich. The cyanogen mod team had earlier released a demo of the android 4. Download the latest cm9 nightly download link copy the cm9 nightly onto your sd card on the boot partition. How to install cm9 nightly builds on the hp touchpad. There are currently three versions of cyanogenmod provided here to install. If you need help troubleshooting a problem, please be as specific as possible by describing your software configuration, including the rom, kernel, and any modifications youve done.

Nightly builds of cyanogenmod 9 for hp touchpad tablet. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Do a system clean out and format system, deleteing webos, download the rom and matching gapps transferring to specific folder on tp. This should install cm9 without erasing your preferences. Decide if you want cm9 or 10, get one or the other not both. A cyanogenmod 9 nightly build or a cyanogenmod 10 build. Notice, all other threads asking the same question, will be deleted and redirected here. As slick, smooth and functional as webos is on the hp touchpad, and wherever the. Like slaizer has stated, download and install novacomm, use scripts to install tptoolbox. Hp touchpad camera fix news and updates for cm9 and cm10 updated. Rom cm9 tenderloin nightlies android devices android.

The android hp touchpad development continues, but bow the updates are coming on an almost nightly basis thanks to teamwin. My touchpad is running cm9 on an older build from 2012, but wondered if its worth me flashing an update to the latest nightly for cm9 of cm9 20929 nightly tenderloin. Even the hp touchpad gets a dose of ice cream sandwich, thanks to cyanogenmod 9. Developer jcsullins has updated his unofficial build of cyanogenmod 10 for the hp touchpad. Hp touchpad cm9 latest nightly is very nice anandtech. Yep and the most recent nightly has done very well for the snapiness of the touchpad. Cyanogenmod 9 for the hp touchpad gets nightly updates. Nightly builds of cyanogenmod 9 for the hp touchpad now. I would highly recommend installing cyanogenmod 9 cm9 for first time users. If you have any trouble with the novacom driver install, this is a link to a.

How to install android ice cream sandwich on the hp touchpad. Cyanogenmod7 cm7 also works well but is a little dated and not well. Now you can install the alpha release from the team and use it on your hp touchpad. The cyanogenmod touchpad team has just released a alpha version of cyaonogenmod 9 cm9 for hp touchpad. Theres no device out there that cant get android 4. New nightly builds of cyanogenmod 9 for hp touchpad. Touchpad owners can download the latest rom from rootzwiki, and after you see my experiences here, youll want to.

If my wifi works, i have no major bugs, what do i look to gain. Hp touchpad camera fix for cm9 official nightly builds patch. Below you will find a link to the forum where you can download and test out the unofficial cm9. If you want cm9 then download the newest files from the following links. Id hate to flash it and cause some kind of issues i didnt have before. After the device is off, press the volume up button until the screen of the touchpad shows the usb icon. Hard to find step by step instructions for functional idiots like me. Hp touchpad camera fix news and updates for cm9 and cm10. Dalingrin has released a minor update to cm9 for the hp touchpad tablet. Moboot its a boot manager that will let you dual boot. Discussion in android devices started by canoli, apr 22, 2012. You could make a backup in recovery and try cm9 and restore aokp if you prefer that. Cyanogenmod has made official nightly builds for the hp touchpad. As of 3272012, the biggest difference between cm9 nightly and cm9 alpha 2 for the touchpad is a new boot logo, but as new functionality is added it should arrive in the nightly touchpad.

Hp touchpad gets a working camera with latest cyanogenmod. Nightly builds of cyanogenmod 9 alpha for the hp touchpad are now available. Turn the nook color back on and enjoy cm9 from sd card. Official cyanogenmod 9 nightlies available for hp touchpad. Though still in the alpha stage, an updated release, alpha 0. I noticed yesterday when i tried to download the latest nightly, and it wouldnt constantly drop the connection. Anyone not sure whether they want to update to the nightly check this out touchpad gets official cm9 nightly builds, changelog page. The current initial nightly build is tagged with a build date of march 27, 2012. Last week when i read the news about hp released open webos 1. If you want cm10 then download the newest files from the following links. As you know, this software has been trying to get a clean run on hp touchpad for a while now and weve reached a more stable version, thanks to the nightly builds of cyanogenmod.

Everything seems to be working fine so far, besides the things which are not suppossed to be working yet. Hp touchpad cm9 usb driver download jason february 24, 7. The hardware acceleration smoother video that was included with cm9 alpha 2 is now included with the nightly builds. If youre running webos on your hp touchpad, you can follow our guide for installing cyanogenmod 9 to start using the latest nightlies. Now copy the cm9 xxxxxxxx nightly tenderloin, gapps, clockworkmod recovery and moboot zip files in this folder. Happy tidings for touchpad owners looking for the latest android 4. Install android to breathe new life into your hp touchpad page 2. Cyanogenmod 9 for hp touchpad gets nightly builds ubergizmo. From your tp running android, no need to boot to webos, just download the last nightly from. I just installed cm9 on my touchpad for the first time, using the latest nightly build from cm downloads as well as the latest gapps package from rootzwiki. First, download the new version of android, and dragdrop it into your touchpad in an easily accessable place mediainternal is easiest, just go into webos, put the device into usb mode, then dragdrop the file into it. Install android cm9 on hp touchpad i have bought hp touchpad for more than 1 year, but i only use it in the first one month after bought it. Now, thanks to the hard work of the cm9 team, the hp touchpad now has official nightly builds available through the cyanogenmod mirror network as well as an official changelog page to go along with it. Dont count on support for your camera or microphone, but if you can live without those, nightly builds of cm9 provide an almost complete ics.

The cm10 build comes by way of james sullins jcsullins and can be found over on the rootzwiki site. Feel free to leave your opinions of this rom in the comments below. The hp touchpad isnt the newest tablet on the block, but it has excellent hardware and can often be found for sale at a low price. The nightlies are basically what you get when you take cyanogenmod 9 alpha 6 for the touchpad and synchronize it with the main development branch of cm9 for all devices so that the touchpad. Rom official cyanogenmod 9 nightly build discussion cyanogenmod hp touchpad rootzwiki you can boot into webos, connect your computer via usb and copy your files to the root main area of the sdcard. Updated cyanogenmod 9 nightlies go live for the hp. Install android to breathe new life into your hp touchpad. You can shut down the tablet, reboot the touchpad, take a. Cyanogenmod on hp touchpad step by step guide and tutorial. Cyanogenmod 10 for the hp touchpad updated with working. Go back and install zip from sd card, pick the zip you just put there and select yes. Miui 12 super wallpaper port adds two new options hale crater and evergreen garden. This is the official which is the best rom for the touchpad thread in lieu of all the threads recently being created, asking the same question which is the best, fastest, least trouble free rom for the device, this thread has been created.

Install cm9 ics to sd card for nook color android advice. This works as well or better than some of my other tablets. Copy the included cminstall folder to the main directory of your touchpad. Cm9 has reached a good level of maturity and stability. Wifi issues with cm9 nightly android devices android. Already have cm9 on your touchpad and want to upgrade to a more recent version that has been released. Cyanogenmod 9 nightlies for the hp touchpad youtube. It seems that nightly builds of cyanogenmod 9 alpha are now available, and you will be able to take advantage of these nightly builds by synchronizing it with the main development branch of cm9 across all devices, making sure that the touchpad version will always be. The image on the sd card will install and the nook will turn off.

I would love to try this, but ive completely forgotten how to flash a new rom. When you connect the touchpad to your pc and you are running windows xp with cm9 already installed, and get a warning that drivers cannot be installed, on your touchpad, go to settingsdeveloper options and take the check out of android debugging box. The cyanogenmod team recently teased us with a video of cm9 running on the touchpad and now it looks like their efforts have culminated in the first alpha alpha 0 release of cm9. Im on miui ics right now and thats usually a weekly build fridays, unless theres an. Cm9 for touchpad gains access to nightly builds engadget.

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