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Leaving from its home port in europe, a typical ship made its first passage to the west coast of africa, trading goods for a full cargo of slaves people who had. These take readers back to life in africa before and during the slave trade, describe the horrors of that trade and the sea passage to america, and move along through the. Middle passage, johnsons third published novel, is a complex blend of allegory, adventure story, tall tale, and philosophical meditation. An analysis of olaudah equianos the middle passage. The middle passage was the part of the atlantic slave trade where african enslaved people were brought to the americas on slave ships. Middle passage national museum of american history. Middle passage page 3 of 7 the atlantic slave trade was the largest forced migration of people by sea in history.

The middle passage converted enslaved africans to just another piece of property for the plantation owners, a slave without a past had no life to avenge and had been forced to forget mother, in the sense that the only thing left was a sense of hopelessness that made the enslaved africans forget their origins, their countries, and their. Between 1500 and the end of the 19th century the time of the voyage diminished considerably. European slave traders brought africans to the new world on ships as early as the 1400s. Slave ships and the middle passage encyclopedia virginia. Smallwood takes us into the ports and stone fortresses where african captives were held and prepared, and then through the middle passage itself. In his biography, he records he was born in what is now nigeria, kidnapped and sold into slavery as a child. Atlantic slave trade slavery in the americas, 16th. Through sites and objects from across the globe, slavery and remembrance aims to broaden our understandings of a shared and painful past, the ways in which we collectively remember and forget, and the power of legacies to shape our present and future. The book is bestknown for its description of the inhumane middle passage to america, which killed perhaps 50% of those who were captured by or sold to european slavers. The slaves were taken to the new world and traded for raw materials which were then shipped back to europe. The middle passage lesson plan for 8th grade lesson planet. The slave trade and the middle passage drama of africanamerican history sharp, s pearl, schomp, virginia on.

The enslaved people were treated so badly on the slave ships that about 15% of them died during the middle passage. Eighth graders locate the middle passage and describe the experiences of slaves in the middle passage. The book was an important tool in the abolition campaign and remains relevant today as a fascinating historical document and an. Five years after she arrived in the united states, she became a free woman with the ratification of the th amendment. Carefully constructed and beautifully written, middle passage has been criticized for its lighthearted approach to the heavy and dark subject matter of the slave trade. Students write as if they were a slave on a journey through the middle passage. His life as the youngest son of the ibo family and the deplorable conditions and fellow slaves. The middle passage refers to the horrific journey of enslaved africans from their home continent to the americas during the period of the transatlantic slave trade. The most famous description of the middle passage is that of olaudah equiano. This the middle passage lesson plan is suitable for 8th grade.

The key instigators were slave traders who moved to new york. John newton, a slave ship captain during the 1800s, wrote in thoughts upon the african slave trade, with our ships, the great object is, to be full. It was socalled because it was the middle section of the trade route taken by many of the ships. Millions of african people were shipped to the americas over the middle passage. As a matter of fact, in the popular black imagination, it is easier for us to construct ourselves as children of africa, as the sons and daughters of kings and queens, and thereby ignore the middle passage and centuries of enforced servitude in the americas. The slave trade and the middle passage drama of africanamerican history. Diary entry 1 life in the middle passage dhqy my name is amara, i am a 19yearold girl from a place that those people with nice clothes, and funny hats on their hats call the gold coast. The transport of black africans to the americas by slave ship became known as the middle passage because it was the middle leg of the triangular trade route used by the european merchants. In this book we show how the concept of the middle passage has relevance to a range of migrations involving the coerced move. The first person to make the claim of declining mortality was philip curtin, who reopened research on slave mortality in his book the atlantic slave trade. Millions of africans were packed tightly onto ships bound for the americas. This passage began in europe, where ships were loaded with goods and sent to africa, where they were traded for african slaves. One of the most difficult parts of the process was the crossing of the atlantic ocean, otherwise known as the middle passage. Johnson, it won the national book award for fiction in 1990.

Set in 1830, it presents a personal and historical perspective of the illegal slave trade in the united states, telling the story of rutherford calhoun, a freed slave who unknowingly boards a slave ship bound for africa in order to escape a forced marriage. It was through the middle passage, in which the words family, neighbor, friend, wife, brother, sister, were lost. Smallwood examines the interaction between europeans and africans in the gold coast slave trade during the seventeenth through eighteenth centuries. His illustrations, achingly real, draw us into the lives of the millions of african men, women, and children who. Narratives from the collection on the middle passage test your knowledge the stench of the holdwas so intolerably loathsome that it was dangerous to remain there for any timebut now that the whole ships cargo were confined together, it became absolutely pestilential. Slave ships usually took between six and eleven weeks to complete the voyage. Olaudah equianos firstperson account recalls his terrifying journey as an 11yearold captive aboard a slave ship from africa to barbados in 1756. The voyage from africa to the new world of the americas was called the middle passage. African slaves lost everything, including their identities. Middle passage by olaudah equiano one of the most interesting arguments that modern apologists makes for the practice of racebased slavery in the americas is the fact that slavery existed in africa during that time period and that africans were complicit in the transatlantic slave trade. The title is a reference to the long and often terrifying transport of african slaves across the vast expanse of the atlantic ocean to the new world. The middle passage was a triangular trade route between africa, the new world, and europe. It is possible that a major reason the mens and womens quarter were separate on slave ships was so that the traffickers could have easier access to the women without dealing with angry african men.

In this middle passage lesson, 8th graders describe life as a sl ave during the middle passage. The slave trade and the middle passage drama of african. Middle passage slave ship slave clipper triangular trade barracoons slavers children as slaves. Johnson about the final voyage of an illegal american slave ship. The middle passage the triangular trade national 5. Middle passage, the forced voyage of enslaved africans across the atlantic ocean to the new world. It was a terrible experience for the africans who were packed between decks in areas too small to stand in. Doubts persist about his place of birth, but his account, perhaps the memory of his african parents repeated to their son, is the closest we have to a graphic firsthand recreation of life in the slave holds. The life of olaudah equiano chapter ii summary and. This began redoshis life as a sl ave on a plantation in bogue chitto, ala. The middle passage was the stage of the triangular trade in which millions of africans were forcibly transported to the new world as part of the atlantic slave trade. A middle passage from africa to american diaspora, stephanie e.

Long after the transatlantic slave trade was officially outlawed by every major slave trading nation in 1836, merchants based in the united states were still sending hundreds of illegal slave ships from american ports to the african coast. Baracoon breathes life into those memories of the horrors of abduction, of middle passage, of slavery, of the jim crow south and makes them so. Black peoples of america the middle passage history. Equianos passionate denouncement of the hypocrisy of the socalled christians who, by tearing families and friends apart, go beyond greed to add fresh horrors even to the wretchedness of. Roughly 15% of enslaved people didnt survive the middle passage. Firstperson accounts of the middle passage are very rare. Douglass had been born into slavery in 1818 on the eastern shore of maryland, and after successfully escaping in 1838, settled in new bedford, massachusetts. His book the interesting narrative of the life of olaudah equiano or gustavus vassa, the african was one of the earliest firsthand accounts of life in africa, the horrors of the middle passage and enslavement. Zora neale hurstons story of the last middle passage. She begins her narrative on the shores of seventeenthcentury africa, tracing how the trade in human bodies came to define the life of the gold coast. The sea is history the sea has nothing to give but a well excavated grave. Historians talk about our changing understanding of the horrors of the slave trades middle passage from africa to america.

Historians believe 15% of all africans loaded onto slave ships did not survive the middle passagemost died of illness due to the inhumane, unsanitary conditions in which they were transported. The middle passage was the second leg of the triangular slave trade that went from europe to africa, africa to the americas, and then back to europe. From slavery to freedom to the arduous battle for civil rights, the tenvolume drama of africanamerican history series traces the black american experience from its roots to the present day. Ships departed europe for african markets with manufactured goods, which were traded for purchased or kidnapped africans, who were transported across the atlantic as slaves. The first section the outward passage was from europe to africa. African slave voyage across the atlantic had a role to play in speaking to the wider historiography of forced migration, sometimes on land but especially in ocean crossings. Africans in americapart 1insurrection on a slave ship. It is a compelling and wellwritten source which describes the middle passage the terrible journey from africa to.

It is as if to remember and acknowledge slavery would amount to our being consumed by it. It was one leg of the triangular trade route that took goods from europe to africa, africans to work as slaves in the americas and the west indies, and items produced on the plantations back to europe. This is an extract from the autobiography of olaudah equiano describing his capture in nigeria as a young boy of about eleven and the subsequent journey to the caribbean on a slave ship. The african slaves were viewed as cargo by the merchants and were packed into the ships with no regard to their basic human rights. It is widely accepted by students of the slave trade that slave mortality during the middle passage fell between the seventeenth and early nineteenth centuries. The interesting life of olaudah equiano describes his life as.

Middle passage definition, conditions, significance. The middle passage the atlantic crossing from africa. The trade started around the early 1500s, and by 1654 about 8,00010,000 slaves were being imported from africa to the americas every year. The middle passage the middle passage or transatlantic slave trade was a voyage that took slaves from africa to the americas via tightly packed ships. The winner of the national book award for fiction in 1990 was middle passage by charles johnson. Books about africans who endured the middle passage, only to be sold into slavery. This book explores the life of the slave in its many aspects through the words of the enslaved people themselves, words from their autobiographies as well as their interviews and newspaper articles written about them. This book provides an overview of the history of slavery interwoven with stories relaying the life experiences of individual slaves. The middle passage was the crossing from africa to the americas, which the ships made carrying their cargo of slaves. They used their voices to express their sadness and pain. Olaudah equiano rose to prominence in the late 18th century as the leading black campaigner for the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade. Their daily lives comprised the soil that gave birth to the spirituals. Olaudah equiano, was a former enslaved african, seaman and merchant who wrote an autobiography depicting the horrors of slavery and lobbied parliament for its abolition. Slave traders would pack their ships with as many slaves as possible and as efficiently as possible.

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