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Last accessed date and time of all the installed software you can interact with the answerer there if needed. January 15, 2020 windows management instrumentation wmi is a framework of system tools that has been built into the windows operating system. Find answers to get list of currently installed applications in vb. The win32 provider defines the classes used to describe hardware or software available on windows systems and the relationships between them.

Iterating through the registry key software\microsoft\windows\currentversion \uninstall seems to give a comprehensive list of installed applications. This is the snippet get system information using wmi in vb. Net using wmi to uninstall programs remotely visual. Net developer can use wmi to obtain information about drivers installed on the client machine, verify whether the system is licensed or not, check for hardware configuration and a lot more. This makes it difficult to analyze actual software use or to make projections for future software needs. Now, you have a datatable dt with all of the properties and values of the given wmi class. This link is microsoft documents for advanced programming topics in wmi. Well everything under software\ microsoft is going to be microsoft related. Wmi hardwaresoftware enumeration script codeproject.

Nov 02, 2006 the above wmi function is really good, can u help me in getting the all installed hardware components list and installed software information in the system or remote system in vb. It is intended as a means to automate administrative tasks on remote computers. I ended up using ccleaner and exporting that info to text filecsv format. Using wmic to retrieve a list of all installed programs. This is something i use often when i simply want to find out what kind of software is installed on a system. This wmi server returns the result of that query in this case as an managementobjectcollection, which is an array of managementobjects each representing a particular piece of software installed by the msinstaller. This means youre only going to get data on software packages installed using msi. Get installed applications in a system stack overflow.

If you want to do an inventory of all installed software in your active directory domain, then keep on reading my post. Comma separated value list of caption software name, installdate. List installed software for any wmi enabled computer. Free tool that lists installed programs on remote computers. Net code which is what the console does published in the. See chapter 15, managing software updates, for information on software updates. List installed software wmi script center spiceworks. Beyond the scripting needs, most leading managementsoftware packages. For each program as installedprogram in installedprogram. Windows management instrumentation wmi consists of a set of extensions to the windows. Installed software inventory solutions experts exchange.

We need to add the arrays that will host our uninstall commands. Since the release of the first wmi implementation during the windows nt 4. Wmi is like an interface for retrieving management information in an enterprise environment. Net, wmi 1 comment in this article you will learn how to list all installed software on localremote machine. Net framework as this support is already available from wmi for free. Originally, i tried using the software \microsoft\window s\currentv ersion\uni nstall localmachine key, but then decided that software \microsoft\window s\currentv ersion\ins taller\use rdata\s1518\produ cts was much better and had more relevant. For more information about scripting, see creating a wmi script. In essence you send a query to the remote wmi server. Configuration manager and wmi looking inside microsoft. Get list of software installed from a remote computer wmi.

Obtain information such as which software is installed by the windows installer msi and software versions. Take a look at windows management instrumentation wmi tasks. Use powershell to quickly find installed software scripting. This article explains how to get the installed software details of your system. Lets say you want to know what software is installed on a remote pc.

But the thing is the code should access a system registry to get the installed softwares. Use wmi to obtain remote computer details codeproject. My technological forte is microsoft technologies especially dot net visual studio 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2012 and microsoft sql server 2000,2005 and 2008 r2. Private struninstallstrings as string array to hold uninstall commands for each program private newuninstallstrarr filtered array containing only valid uninstall commands. What i need to do is to create a policie with a wmi filter to check if the computers in my domain have this installed.

I did not find a good command line solution for finding all installed programs. A product generally correlates to one installation package. Before going any further with the blog post, here is a quick intro on wmi. How to get list of all installed software or application on. To obtain data from wmi by writing a script or application. This link is microsoft documents for managing windows with wmi. At its simplest, the client uses wmi to extract information about the hardware, os, and installed software of the client machine. Most of the vbscript samples were created using microsofts scriptomatic tool, the kixtart scripts were my own translations of the vbscript versions, most of the other scripts were generated by my wmi code generator. The current version of wmi diagnosis tool has no specific knowledge of the sms 2003 advanced client, therefore, if an sms 2003 advanced client wmi class is missing, wmi diagnosis tool will not report the problem as it would do for the pure common wmi classes. Wmi is accessible over networks and lets users query remote systems to gain information about them. If you want to get really fancy, you can also use a dropdownlist to set the wmiclass variable and easily see tons of data about your system. Windows management instrumentation wmi is a framework of system tools that has been built into the windows operating system. Im having a hard problem with a wmi filter and maybe you can lend me a hand. Apr 29, 2009 using the tool doesnt require anything beyond the basic knowledge of windows management instrumentation.

List all installed software on remote machine codesnippts. Microsoft office 2003 with none sp, sp1 or sp2 if this is true. Get the installed software details of your system in windows form. Installed software information which we will gather are listed below. All of the systems that i support have the sccm client installed on them. List and uninstall all programs installed in the clients computer. To help you navigate through wmi, listed below are the namespaces that are available on most windows machines. With the win32 provider, management applications can use wmi to easily access this data. Here is the line of that script dedicated to software. The freevbcode site provides free visual basic code, examples, snippets, and articles on a variety of other topics as well.

The win32 provider retrieves its information by making windows function calls and querying the system registry. We will be using windows management instrumentation wmi to access this information. How to make wmi filter to check for installed software. This contents is created by wmi having class information. Retrieve a list of installed printers on the network using. Stack overflow for teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. How to get list of all installed software or application. Ive been getting back into developing with visual basic lately. Nov 26, 20 in the code snippet, you can see that i am getting a list of installed applications in the registry and then displaying them in a listview. Csv output can be easily read into excel for further sorting and analysis. If you dont have sccm 0712 then im sorry to say this wmi class doesnt exist. Net 2005 language 9, 10 and built on wmi technology. Posted in hyperv, hyperv 2012 r2, powershell, scripting, tutorials, windows, windows 7, windows 8, windows server, windows server 2012 r2 and tagged get list of software installed from a remote computer via wmi and powershell, get list of software installed from a remote computer wmi. At common, we can call wmi directly by command wmic like in first screen above to install mongodb or through universal interface powershell.

There is a wealth of tools provided by microsoft and 3rd party software. I must say, your project is not just perfect, at the same time a real study material for anyone who wants to make professional software for windows. Wmi securitycenter2 productstate to show what antivirus are installed apr 18, 2012. Try setting the wmiclass variable to any of the following.

Exposing system secrets with vba and wmi api beyond excel. However msdn indicates that from vista onwards this particular class only returns hotfixes, and not updates installed by other means. Net this is an example of how you install printerdrivers with. Net a common requirement is to display a list of printers on the network. I am currently calling wmi as an active directory admin account to scan all machines in a list output by our dhcp server and it returns the data in html form and places in on a web page for us. I want to retrieve softwares installed from remote host. For some strange reason the productcode is referred to as identifyingnumber in wmi. Because wmi scripts can produce large amounts of output, you might want to redirect the output to a file. Wmi tasks for computer software obtain information such as which software is installed by the microsoft windows installer msi and software versions. I am writing an app that picks up information from wmi securitycenter2 to show what antivirus, antispyware and firewall are installed it also returns a productstate value which shows whether product is enableddisabled and whether definitons are uptodate or outdated.

Wmi diagnosis tool general questions windows management. Net wrote tons of programs in vb6, though, several of them using wmi. In this blog post i am going to play with wmi objects on the local computer and on remote computers. Developers from all over the world come together to share knowledge, source code, and tutorials for free to help their fellow programmers professional developers, hobbyists and students alike. May 09, 2012 im having a hard problem with a wmi filter and maybe you can lend me a hand. How to list all programs installed on computer and uninstall them. In the code snippet, you can see that i am getting a list of installed applications in the registry and then displaying them in a listview. Apr 08, 2010 free tool that lists installed programs on remote computers april 8, 2010 7 comments ever wanted to quickly see what software is installed on a remote machine without having to run some network auditing software or connect to the machine and look in addremove programs.

Getting installed softwares from remote host using wmi. Net wmi, or windows management instrumentation is an extensive framework which covers virtually every facet of a local or remote machine. Ankur have worked primarily in the domain of calling, crm and direct advertisers services. Posted on september 23, 2011 categories visual basic. The xp batch files use wmic only available in windows xp professional, windows server 2003 and later most, if not all, of these scripts can be used. This demo and illustration shows most some of the available information from the class. Wmi is powerful and flexible, and when used correctly it can deliver the best and most important information about your computers, servers and notebooks. Net framework language, are simpler to write than wmi com providers, and can obtain data from the wmi cimbased classes such as win32 classes.

Exploration, administration, wmi, lan peer to peer, visual basic. It is important for anyone working on configmgr to understand wmi and its leverage by configmgr. Get the installed software details of your system in. Iterating through the registry key software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\uninstall seems to give a comprehensive list of installed applications.

For a list of wmi classes that are supported by windows installer, see installed applications classes. Dec 23, 20 the windows management instrumentation wmi api exposes a wealth of information about pcs, including remote pcs and servers. This is the second page of the tutorial, the first page is all about creating a wmi connection in vb. For instance the following ps script will retrieve all prodcuts installed on local computer that were installed by windows installer. Net framework language, are simpler to write than wmi com providers, and can obtain data from the wmi cim based classes such as win32 classes. This vbscript will list all the software installed on the computername you specify in the first line of code. Wmi environment is windows server 2008 r2 enterprise edition. Ive learned much of what i need to know in the past while in college. Comma separated value list of caption software name, installdate and installdate2 fields. Net program, which would connect to remote computers and retrieve specific system information using wmi. Vb script that connects through wmi to create a list of installed software. If you want to get the list of installed programs from another computer on the network. In order to list programs that have been installed using the windows installer you need to query wmi.

Example of how to get a list of installed programs like add and. The properties of this class can be modified by the user to customize the desktop. Net, visual basic, windows 10, windows 7 leave a comment. How to get the install date of operation systemwindows xp using vb. Most examples on the internet shows how this can be done with vbscript, printui.

For the current description of this wmi provider, see windows installer provider in the main windows management instrumentation wmi documentation. This will give you a nice text file with all the applications installed on the specified computer. Configmgr also uses wmi to enable client agent and serverside functions. Get list of currently installed applications in vb. List all software installed on a machine with vbscript. Further, calling this class causes a repair action to be executed on every program it returns. How to get and set file last access time and date using system. By default, cscript displays the output of a script in the command prompt window. The windows management instrumentation commandline wmic is a commandline and scripting interface that simplifies the use of windows management instrumentation wmi and systems managed through wmi. Weve used windows management instrumentation wmi and. To get data from wmi, either on the local computer or from a remote computer, you must connect to the wmi service by connecting to. Nah i wasnt talking about wmi, i just meant using the net use.

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